We offer Pittsburgh's only "open air" batting range
where you can see where you hit the ball!  There
are 10 baseball cages with speeds ranging from
30 - 80 mph.  We also offer 4 slow-pitch softball
cages, as well as one fast-pitch softball cage.
We offer 18 holes of Miniature Golf, great for kids
and adults!  You'll start at Humpty Dumpty and wind
your way through many styles of holes ranging
from multi-level to water obstacles, while enjoying
the quiet atmosphere and landscaping. We have
many different plants and flowers blooming around
the course throughout the spring,  summer, and
fall.  You'll end your round at the popular windmill.  
Continue the fun and play a discounted second
and third round!
North Park Batting Range, Miniature Golf, Driving Range, and Par 3
The Driving Range and Par 3 at North Park:

We are pleased and excited to announce we added The Driving Range and Par 3
at North Park to our business in the spring of 2018!  It was a great first season.  
Looking forward to season two!
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May 11, 2019

The Batting Range is
now open, weather

Please call
412-366-5960 to
confirm our hours.

The Driving Range is
now open
, weather

Please call
412-364-2363 to

confirm our hours.

The  Par 3 is now
open, weather
permitting, from 7am
until dusk.

The Miniature Golf is
ow open, weather
permitting.  Please
call for hours:  

Batting Range &
Miniature Golf:

Driving Range &   
Par 3: